REBELS (Reionization Era Bright Emission Line Survey) is a 70-hour ALMA large program approved for execution in cycle 7 that will construct the first large samples of galaxies at z>6.5 that are bright both in their far-IR continuum emission (from dust reprocessed light) and their ISM cooling lines. REBELS will identify these galaxies by targeting 40 of the brightest z=6.5-9.5 galaxies (in the UV) over a 7 square-degree area with well-constrained redshifts and scanning for either the 157.7 micron [CII] line or the 88.4 micron [OIII] line. The REBELS observational strategy builds on the dramatic success of 2 pilot programs, which used 12 hours of ALMA time to identify five of the seven brightest [CII] lines in normal galaxies at z>6.5.

Importantly, REBELS will create the necessary large statistical samples of high-mass galaxies at z>6.5 to characterize dust and stellar mass growth in the early universe, while providing a first look at their dynamical properties. The derived samples of bright line emitting, dusty galaxies will be an essential resource for efficient further studies with ALMA and longer term with JWST.